What We Do



What We Do

Jewish Peoplehood and Community

We work to create welcoming community and strengthen the Jewish people by supporting each and every Jewish student in Queens. Our Professional Team and Student Leaders love to show everyone what QC Hillel has to offer. It's easy to get involved, we have no membership fees and most happenings are free or low cost to students!

Jewish Identity and Exploration

Whether it's the first time exploring your Jewish identity of your 4000th, we're here to support that journey. Who are you? What do you care about? What's meaningful to you? What makes it Jewish? 

Israel and Dialogue

Israel is a land made of diverse people, with diverse experiences and a beautiful rich history. There are so many ways to engage and explore Israel and we hope you'll do so with us! Whether through food, storytelling, art, music or even difficult conversations, we encourage you to dive in and dialogue with us. 

Shabbat and Holidays

Unique Shabbat and Holiday experiences are at the core of community building at Queens College. Start your weekend off right with us 4 times a year at Free Friday Night Dinner! Dance the night away at Simchat Torah! Create the best costume ever for Purim! Honor the stories of survivors on Yom HaShoah. Celebrate Israeli Independence at Israelfest. To get involved with one of these amazing opportunities, join a Production Team. Production Teams are tasked with created fantastic holiday and Shabbat experiences for QC students and are great for students with a passion for creating and designing experiences!

Leadership Development

Developing the next generation of Jewish Leaders. QC Hillel offers paid internships, volunteer opportunities, chances to go to amazing conferences and support creating dynamic Jewish experiences on your own terms.

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