Judaism as Peoplehood: The concept that in their diversity the Jews constitute one people as defined by claims of historical or by-choice belonging to the line of Abraham. We welcome all Jews who self-identify with this family, and seek to promote the well-being of each of its members across ethnic, religious, economic, geographic or other lines.


Hillel seeks to strengthen the Jewish People by strengthening each identity represented in the Queens College student body. We work with Ashkenazi students, Sepharadi students, Bukharian students, Persian students, Orthodox students, Conservative students, Reform students, Non-Denominational students, Post-Denominational students, Secular students, Israel activists, Jewish members of fraternities and sororities, and so much more. Our approach is to strengthen each identity, which in turn strengthens the whole. Our programs are designed to be intentional about target audiences, representation in planning, and presentation of multiple viewpoints.


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