Jewish Peoplehood and Community


We work to create welcoming community and strengthen the Jewish people by supporting each and every Jewish student at Queens College.

Our Professional Team and Student Leaders love to show everyone what QC Hillel has to offer. It's easy to get involved, we have no membership fees and most happenings are free or low cost to students!


Spotlight: Bukharian Cultural Club   QC is home to the largest Bukharian campus community in the country. BCC works with QC Hillel to create unique opportunities for students to engage in their identity and create understanding of Bukharian Jewish community for all students at QC. Check out their Facebook page.
Spotlight: Persian Club   QC Persian Club works with QC Hillel to create opportunities for students to explore Persian Jewish life. Check out their Facebook page. 
Spotlight: OU-JLIC   The OU's Heshe & Harriet Seif Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus is a joint program with Hillel that helps Orthodox students navigate the college environment and balance their Jewish commitments with their desire to engage the secular world. It does this by placing an Orthodox rabbinical couple on each of its member campuses. Check out their Facebook page.
Spotlight: Egalitarian Initiative   The Egalitarian Initiative brings together students interested in Egalitarian Jewish life. They organize special guest speakers like local Rabbis from Conservative, Reform, and non-denominational communities in Queens, and egalitarian Shabbat services.


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