Self Authored Virtual Internship

Choose Your Own Adventure (internship experience)


What is a virtual internship? How can one be an intern without an organization to support her, or a specific job description to guide him? This summer, we are launching a pilot program of a self authored internship wherein you will choose your own professional development adventure. Launching on June 22nd , we will host a 10-week internship for you.


Through this internship, you will gain access to Rubin Education online modules and 2 hours of mentorship with Karen Klein (CommonPoint Queens), Jenna Citron Schwab (QC Hillel) and Merav Fine Braun (Hunter Hillel) every week, in addition to a one hour workshop (which will be recorded) on the topic they are diving into each week.


Through the online modules, students will explore their professional interests, learn essential writing and networking skills, and build their resumes. Through the mentorship hours, they will work with Karen and Merav to reflect on how they will use these skills moving forward in the job market (with Karen), and as leaders at Hunter Hillel (with Merav) and QC Hillel (with Jenna)


It is our hope that this model can continue throughout the school year, improving students' engagement in professional skill development.



Week One: Industry Intel-- researching and understanding organizations and the work they do every day with an eye towards how students might cultivate opportunities in the space. 


Week Two: How do I write that email? - Email Etiquette-- especially today, email composition is key to communication success in the field and in school. Students will: create a professional email address, learn the difference between texting and emailing and understanding how to address people appropriately.


Week Three: Using your phone as a telephone-- With folks ZOOMed out now more than ever, phone calls are more important than ever. Every intern and professional must know how to speak articulately and clearly by phone. And if the intern helps an employer remotely (as is increasingly the case), phone correspondence is even more critical.


Week Four: Employers are not the enemy aka Getting grown ups to talk about themselves -  Students will Request a conversation with an industry professional and hold a virtual Q&A. 


Week 5: A Resume to Remember - A memorable resume is always important and it’s especially important now! The unique details of your life, your demonstrable skills and early career to produce a resume that stands apart.


Week 6: “Storytelling” Cover Letter - When interns learn to share examples of their work ethic and perseverance, employers take notice.


Week 7: Job Interview Prep - Prepare for the interview conversation on a higher level than the competition.


Week 8: Interact with Employers – Part II - Request a second conversation with an industry professional and hold a virtual Q&A.


Week 9: Client Communications - Learn to manage the customer relationship with proper word choice and tone of voice.


Week 10: Project Management Skills - Keep your team informed and the workflow moving in the right direction.



Applications have closed for the pilot round of the virtual internship beginning June 23. We look forward to letting you know when we open the next round!

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