Jewish Holidays

Queens College is a great place to celebrate Jewish Holidays, and is accommodating in its academic calendar.


Rosh Hashanah - QC is closed, no classes.


Yom Kippur - QC is closed, no classes.


Sukkot - QC is open. Hillel maintains two large sukkot on campus to accommodate students who wish to eat meals there 24/7.


Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah - QC is open. Hillel/OU-JLIC offers minyanim, hakafot, meals, and other appropriate celebrations for these wonderful holidays!


Hanukkah - Hillel offers opportunities for communal candle lighting on campus and special holiday programming.


Purim - Hillel/OU-JLIC organizes a campus-wide Megillah reading and celebration and JLIC runs a Purim Seudah the following day.


Pesach (Passover) - QC is closed, no classes.


Yom Ha'atzma'ut (Israel Independance Day) - QC is open, Hillel and ISA organize a special Festival on the campus Quad.


Shavuot (when it falls during school) - QC is open, Hillel/OU-JLIC organizes a Shavuot All Night Learning, services, and other special programming.


The faculty is accustomed to students needing to adjust test and other schedules to accommodate holiday observance. Need help? Contact Uri.

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