OU-JLIC Torah Study Opportunities

OU-JLIC offers numerous and varied Orthodox Torah learning opportunities:

  • OU-JLIC Chaburot: Weekly group text study on various topics including Chumash, Navi, Talmud, Jewish Law, Jewish philosophy, and Chassidic thought. There are both co-ed Chaburot as well as Chaburot specifically for men and women.

          Click here for a full list of this semester’s OU-JLIC Chaburot, including day, time and location.

  • OU-JLIC Special Programming and Events: Unique programming by the OU-JLIC Educators, Fellows, and guests. Includes programs such as the Weekly Free Hour Parsha Shiur, Pasta Bar Night, Dinner and a Marvel Movie, the Hagadah Round Robin, Women's Mishmar and more!

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