Sponsorship Opportunities

There are many opportunities to have a significant impact on the lives of Jewish students at Queens College, large and small. Here are some of the ways you can support Jewish students at QC. Click here to make a gift. 


Sponsor a Shabbat Experience: 

  • Sponsor 1 Free Friday Night Dinner for 300 students for $7200
  • Sponsor 1 Shabbaton Dinner for 100 students for $2400
  • Sponsor 10 students's Shabbat meals all year for $1920
  • Sponsor 1 student's Shabbat meals all year for $192
  • Sponsor's 1 student's Shabbat meal 1x per year for $24


Students often tell us they want to make new friends, find Jewish mentors and explore their Jewish identity while on campus. To support this, we meet students one on one for coffee conversations to talk about life, their passions and their challenges. 


 Sponsor Coffee Conversations:

  • Sponsor 1 coffee conversation for $5
  • Sponsor 20 coffee conversations for $100
  • Sponsor a year's worth of coffee conversations for $900


We also create small group learning opportunities like the Jewish Learning Fellowship to help students discover their own Jewish identity and learn about others'. And we support Jewish clubs and organizations by providing mentoring, programming consultations and resources. You can:


Sponsor the Jewish Learning Fellowship:

  • Sponsor 20 students' JLF experience for $6000
  • Sponsor 1 student's JLF experience for $300
  • Sponsor lunch or dinner for 1 JLF session for $100


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